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Ira's Bee Keeping Hobby

One of my other Hobbies (2010-2015)

Installing my First Two Hives (May 2010)

Removing the Queen Cage a week later.

Checking the bees a couple of weeks later.

The Queen Bee has a blue dot on her back.

You can see the queen with a blue dot, larva in the cells and sealed brood.

Hives later in 2010

Hives in 2012

Catching a Swarm - June 9, 2014
A look at the swarm...

Knocking the swarm into their new home...

Looking for the queen (found her later, but not in the video)...

The captured swarm of bees are doing fine in their new home (far right). I am feeding them herb solution sugar water and they are bulding fresh honeycomb...

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