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My fathers paternal line came from Denmark . His grandfather was adopted as was his grandfathers mother. Thus some of my ancestry lines here are not very long, although my DNA does say I belong to the R1b1a2 [R-M269] Haplogroup (purely paternal lineage), which is the largest Haplogroup in Western Europe. About 44% of the population of Denmark belongs to this haplogroup.

My fathers maternal line came from England and Wales . One line came from near London, another from Hampshire. The Welsh line is from Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire.

This on-line database and the available complete GED/CFT files only contain a portion (abt 1100 individuals) of the data from my Master Database (over 94,000 individuals) and only include deceased people. Thus there are vey few individuals here born after 1900. And there may be other information in my Master database you might be interested in. Email me details to discuss.

Click here to view the online database starting with my father Leonard Baker Lund.

Click here to Search the database.

Also available: "My Ancestry: From History to DNA to Evolution", by Ira J. Lund. An interesting short article tracing my ancestry from known historical to DNA testing and the Evolutionary Family Tree. This is a free PDF available for anyone interested. Click here to view the PDF.

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Lund Family E-books

Over the past several decades, a few of us in the family have written several stories about our ancestors. Here is a complete list of the e-books available on a CD. We would have liked to place these files on the web for download, but the large file size (over 225Mb) would make the download times way too long. I typically charge a small fee for this CD. Please contact me directly if you are interested in obtaining this CD:

  1. The History of Mogens Hans Lund, 1974, by Ira J. Lund. 79 pages. The life story of MH Lund, born in 1840 in Copenhagen, Denmark, married and settled on a farm in Hjørring, Jutland. Immigrated with his family in 1875 to the Western USA.
  2. Our Ancestors in Denmark, 1981, by Kay Lund Clark. 16 pages. Information and research on Mogens Hans Lund and family.
  3. Research on the Lund Family in Denmark, 1998, by Frances Kay Lund Clark. 63 pages. Detailed information with documents on updated research done on Mogens Hans Lund and family.
  4. Life story of Charley and Margaret Lund, 1987, by Linda Lund. 158 pages.Charley, the son of MH Lund, born in 1876, lived in southeast Idaho his entire life on a farm.
  5. The Journal of Jean Rio Griffeths Baker and The life of Benjamin Walter Baker, 1987, by Ira J. Lund. 55 pages. BW Baker, the grandfather of Margaret Baker Lund, born in London England in 1830. Joined the LDS Church with his oldest brother and migrated with his sister-in-law, Jean Rio, and family to the Salt Lake Valley in 1851.
  6. BW Baker - 2011, by Ira J. Lund. 12 pages. Updated information on the latest findings of the five wives of Mormon polygamist BW Baker.
  7. Memories and Research of Benjamin Charles Baker and Lucy Evans Baker, 2000, by Leonard Baker Lund. 14 pages. The son of BW Baker and his family in Franklin, Idaho.
  8. The Lives of John Daniel Evans and Margaret Harris, s1987, by Ira J. Lund. 6 pages. Ancestry line from Wales.
  9. My Life Story, 1987, by Leonard B. Lund. 208 pages. A farmer and cowboy who lived east of Preston, Idaho all his life on the same land his father, Charley and grandfather, MH lived.
  10. Leonard Baker Lund The Last Decade, 2002, by Ira J Lund & Jossie Linda Lund, 143 pages. Update on the last few years of our father's life.
  11. Florence Hoopes Lund, 1987, by Leonard B. Lund, 53 pages. LB Lund writes the story of his first wife, who died in childbirth in 1948.
  12. This is my Life, 1986, by Frida Rage Lund, edited by Ira J. Lund. 92 pages. The story of our mother.
  13. Life Stories of Ila Lucy Lund Baker and Donald Ray Baker, 1997, by Jossie Linda Lund, 129 pages. A favorite aunt and uncle that lived near us in Idaho.
  14. The Lund Family Photo Collection, 2000. by Ira J. Lund. 146 pages. Full of family photos from generations past up to the year 2000.

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